from the archives // boho dream catcher

it's whole year since i posted this diy, we've just been making some more to give as gifts! the kiddos loved making them, and they look so pretty that i thought i'd post it up again in case you didn't see it the first time around!

  • stick
  • crochet/lace doily
  • yarn
  • twine
  • decorations (feathers, beads, gems)

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  1. I see dream catchers a lot down by the harbor & they always look so beautiful. I've never seen one quite like this. It's a really cute idea :)

    xo, Adriana.
    Horses of Ares

  2. so pretty! love the vibrant colors~

  3. Lovely and pretty, I think I will make one or two while I'm waiting for this baby to arrive!!! lol K xx


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