poppy cat and friends >>>>>

poppy cat books have been a favourite read of all three of my girls as toddlers//preschoolers. so miss baya was excited to receive these poppy cat figures  and talking plush in the post the other day.  she had a great afternoon acting out the stories with her new friends {and introducing them to themselves in the book ha!} the little plush has been given pride of place in her bed :)

interesting fact.... the little dog is called zuzu which we almost called dd2 before changing our minds and naming her kiki!

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  1. Love this girl :) and her friends ..
    Nice post


    My blog By Joyce ♥

  2. Aw, this post is so cute! :) I haven't heard of poppycat books but I like the look of the little characters. Baya's such a cutie! x


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