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our week days pass by quickly, filled with kiddos 'school work' and afternoons of crafting, followed by evenings taking various kiddos to various clubs! miss baya likes to join in with the big girls sometimes when they're working. she likes to practice her letters and ask me how to spell every word she can think of! when she's had enough of 'work' she brings a few toys to the table {she likes to sit with everyone else}

she's been playing with chloe's magical dress up closet lots this week - a cute little doll, with a 'magical closet' and three outfits. baya loves to dress her up, then put her in the closet, press the button and see it light up! chloe's been on lots of adventures this week - baya sits and tells us some pretty wonderful stories while she's playing and we're working! it's quite a sweet playset - i'm not generally a fan of plastic toys, but as she seems to have captured baya's imagination, she can stay ;)

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