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we're a houseful of book lovers... we own a crazy amount of books and make frequent use of our local library too! here are a few that we've been loving lately


we love all the mog books, but this is a particular favourite...

Mog sat in the dark.
Mog thought in the dark.
But the dark was not where Mog wanted to be…
And who else was there in the dark?

oscar and the bat

this series is based around oscar, a curious kitten. through the books he meets friends who introduce him to science concepts. all three if my girls have enjoyed these books, the stories are fun and captivating, and they are a great way of introducing and talking about some science topics.


filled with beautiful illustrations of every animal from aardvark to zebra in unusual groupings, this book is a young childs dream. Miss Baya is wildly in love with it, we spend hours looking through and discussing all the animals.

The Game of Light (Game Of... (Phaidon))

The Game of Light

We have several of Herve Tullet's books - this one is a particular favourite though. You use a torch with the book to create stars and other shapes on the wall or ceiling.

A Bit Lost

A Bit Lost

This is one we read over and over.. partly due to this mama's love for owls! It's a cute little story that all three of mine have loved.

There are cats in this book

There Are Cats in This BookWe've borrowed this book a thousand times from the library - as well as 'there are no cats in this book' 

What books are you and your kiddos loving right now?

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  1. I didn't know there were multiple Mog the cat books!!!
    We need to search for others! My son loves Mog the Fat Cat (title?). Loooooves it. So do we, haha.

    1. Mog is my favourite! i love reading them :D I hope you find some more!

  2. Ahh Mog the cat!!! I absolutely loved those books when I was younger! I remember my teacher recorded her voice onto tape for us all to practice reading too! Haha

    1. Ooh ooh! You should totally read "Plop, the owl who was afraid of the dark" because it's so wonderful!!

    2. that's rings a bell.... will have a look for it in the library!


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