bits + pieces // lolas birthday

miss lola's ninth birthday celebrations were spread out over two days. as her actual birthday fell on a tuesday, she decided to have her party on the saturday so her friends who go to school could come :)

her actual birthday we hopped on the train to chester, we did a little shopping {paperchase & lush!!!} and walked around the old roman city walls.we also took a walk down by the river and fed some ducks and a friendly swan.

she had 13 friends rounds for her party - i was a little concerned on saturday morning at what i had let myself in for! i needn't have worried, as it went without a hitch.. the girls all had a great time, we had a pinata, played pin the tail on the donkey and planted sunflower seeds for the kiddos to take home. they ate lots of party food and bbq provided by the mr and no-one wanted to go home ;)

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  1. Aww!! Looks like she had a great birthday!

  2. She is beautiful!! I am glad that she had a great birthday and OMG I love the gifts that she got!!


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