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 'happiness is...' -  each week we'll meet two lovely ladies to find out what happiness is to them.... if you'd like to take part please drop me an email :)


what makes you happiest?
is "feeling productive" too responsible an answer? i actually feel at my best, & happiest, when i wake up before 8am, get a hard workout in, catch up on a few blog posts & leave some comments, shower by 9 & am ready to take on the day (whether it be errands, writing or tackling a new project) by 9:30. granted, this is only possible on weekends. the rest of the time i feel happiest with a glass of wine in hand, curled up watching game of thrones or breaking bad with the husband and the pup.
do you have a ‘happy place’?
sitting outside, under a tree, enjoying a beer and a book (of course, in my fantasies there are never any bugs to contend with).

do you have a favourite happy song?
hmmm. this is actually a tough question. i can name songs i listen to when i'm angry (and want some angry music to go along with it), songs i listen to while daydreaming, and songs i listen to when i'm sad.
probably something cheesy and ridiculous from the 90s. like anything by ace of bass.

what gets you past a bad day?
a long hug from my husband. that's sappy, isn't it? even better when he greets me with a hug and a glass of wine.

what makes you happiest?A Saturday with my boys. We wake up late, make coffee, read books, take long walks, work on home projects, make some messes in the kitchen, play music, etc. I love our weekends.

do you have a ‘happy place’?
In reality: Probably my living room at 1 PM when the sun is shining through all the windows because I'm on the top floor.
Or possibly standing next to my coffee maker while it's brewing a pot.
In my head: I don't have one of my own, but I'm currently borrowing one from a friend. It has lots of books and things.

do you have a favourite happy song?
I Can See Clearly Now (Jimmy Cliff). Also the Gilmore Girls theme song (Where You Lead by Carol King), but that's just because ... I love the Gilmore Girls.

what gets you past a bad day?Usually a combination of things: coffee, exercise, more coffee, venting on my blog, coffee, prayer. And if I'm really in a funk, I clean my entire house top to bottom and usually by the time I'm finished, I've worked the problem away. Or at least am too tired to think about it anymore.

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  1. Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!


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