all this sunshine has got me thinking about planning a summer holiday. the past few years we've been to centre parcs, but we fancy a change this year. our holidays are always uk based - we can't afford to go abroad, even if we'd like to. we've been looking at the possibilities of going camping. it's not something we've really done since we had the kiddos, but definetly something i'd like to try.

i was looking at woolacombe, my sister used to live in devon and it's such a beautiful place. i'd love to go camping in devon and take the girlies. 
i have to admit though, i've gotten used to my creature comforts as i've gotten older... hot baths, comfy beds and a {proper} roof over my head in case it's raining!!! and also as a car free family, we'd be travelling by train, and i don't know how easy it would be to cart all of our camping gear down on a train! so i was thinking of looking into holiday lodges in devon instead.... we get to appreciate the beauty of the area without having to rough it ha!!!

have any of you been camping with kiddos?? i'd love to hear your thoughts on the practicalities of it all!!


  1. Hey, just found your blog! It's so cute! New follower(:
    Also, I'm so jealous.. Can I just move there? Lol.


  2. We have taken Penny camping from being a baby and its fine, She and we love the adventure of it. in fact we just booked up for the lakes :)
    I'm Sure you would have a blast plus most sites now have nice showers/baths etc.

    Zoe x

  3. I haven't dared try camping myself (partly because the mister is not into it - a creature comforts person! - and I didn't fancy it on my own with a baby, even in a group) but I have good friends who take their kids of all ages from baby upwards camping, often in groups with other families. Apparently it is just brilliant!

  4. I don't have kids yet, but when I do I look forward to taking them camping! We always went camping when I was a kid, wonderful memories! Even staying at a cabin would be fun. Being in nature is just amazing, your family would enjoy it!

  5. Devon is a gorgeous place, I'm hopefully going there for a week to stay with my grandparents over Summer. I love the tors and the beaches there. xxx

  6. We have camped loads with the boys since they were both babies, its great fun and they love it too. Not sure how we would manage with no car though, as we do tend to take a good boot full!

  7. I love going camping with the little man. We first took him as a bub (pretty easy when all they need is a boob and clean bum). I'm currently hanging out to take him again but need to have some better weather.

    I admit there is stress for me, especially when he runs away to go jump in the waters that can contain jellyfish, crocodiles or sharks, but for the most part I love it.

  8. It can be fun! I camped all the time with my dad as a child and I've taken the boys before. We plan on camping this summer as well. More whining than a grown up trip but virtually the same! :)

  9. We take the bairns camping twice a year and have done ever since they were born - Zander was 3 months on his first camping trip. I just figured if we started doing it with them from the start it would become second nature for them and us and it has really. We do have a car and we do have a roof box, I can't imagine doing it without a car really. They get on a vibe when we're in the great outdoors, Zander comes into his own round a campfire, nature puts us all at ease. If you do camp make sure you have a good tent with good space inside for incase it rains! You can stand up in ours completely and I like that on a rainy day.

    Much love and enjoy whatever you choose to do! x


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