a little redesign...

i ended up spending a couple hours last night redesigning my blog and shop {again} i wanted a look that was a little more cohesive throughout both. i'm pretty happy with what i came up with, what do you think???

i plan on getting new business cards to match as well as packaging for my shop! speaking of which - the next sale will be number 200 - and as a HUGE thankyou that lucky sale will receive some extra goodies!!! hop on over and treat yourself ;)

this morning we're taking a ride out of town, lola's history group is at a heritage centre just out of town, we're hoping the weather will stay nice enough for a picnic while we're there! hope you all have fun plans for your weekend.


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  1. Oh my goodness... This is such an amazingly beautiful layout!!! You outdid yourself. :D

  2. Oh!!! Pretty pretty!!

  3. I love the new look!

  4. This is really nice. My favorite so far.

  5. Very pretty layout!! Like it a lot!

  6. LOVE it! you are so clever! x


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