what i {we} wore

mama wore:
jeans - new look
boots - thrifted
top - thrifted
glasses - c/o tumbleweeds

lola wore:
top - vintage
tights - primark
boots - george

kiki wore:
dress - next
boots - george

baya wore:
dress - thrifted
jeggings - ebay
boots - clarks
here's what the kiddos and i wore yesterday. we headed to chester for the day, miss lola wanted to do a little shopping with some of her birthday pennies. we took a walk down to the river and through the park. the squirrels there were so tame! they kept coming right up close to us :)

thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes for lola yesterday - she had a fantastic day and now is counting down the days until her party on saturday!

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  1. Hey lady, looking good! Your hair looks great! I like your glasses. And of course the girls are looking lovely as always, glad you all had a nice day! :) x

  2. so so cute.... those girlies are adorable.. love your hair!!!

  3. You guys are just too cute!

  4. Great photos! Love your boots.

  5. Adorable photos. You look great!


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