dreaming big

i've spent the past ten days or so soaking up the sunshine, living life and dreaming. i've been away from the computer for the majority of each day, and that's given me lots of time to think. i've been trying to figure out what it is i want, where i want to go and how i'm going to get there. business wise i have a few ideas and i feel like it's time to refocus a little.

a couple months back i was throwing myself into my little shop and working my ass off. while i love designing and creating jewellery, i find the selling side hard. i want to sell, but i don't want to push it down peoples throats. also, i found that too much time focusing on that side of things created a cranky mama.

i want to spend my days with my kiddos... not focusing on figures. i've been trying to figure out a better way to make things work. happiness to me is not selling a zillion pieces of jewellery.... it's not being uber rich{though a little extra moolah wouldn't be unappreciated!}. happiness is living this life of mine, spending my days crafting and learning along side my girls. taking them on adventures, creating, making, LIVING, spending time with friends, and enjoying the ride.

i figure that i have all that i need. i get to spend my days doing what i love most, with the people i love the most. i get to create and design the jewellery i love. and that is key. I LOVE MY LIFE.

i've made some decisions on how i want my shop to be - it will always be a love of mine, but i don't want it to rule my life, at least while my kiddos are little. you can lend me a hand by helping me clear out some of the current stock - enter bloglover for 50% off everything here

thanks for reading my rambles :) i'm focusing on being happy and the rest will surely follow!

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  1. I 100% agree with you, I think it so easy to get whisked away and caught up with things. Recently I took a step back and feel so much better for it.
    I hear you mama :)

    Zoe xx

  2. Totally hear where you are coming from! I started to stress myself out over the same things then decided to just take a big breath! Our kids are only little for such a short period of time and it is important to me to try and make that the best time- for all of us. I think you are on the right path Mama!! XOXOX

  3. I so wish I had money.. I love your white owl earrings. :)


  4. Luck and love along the path you choose, our kids are not this small for that long so make the most of it anyway you can I say! X


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