saturday sun

so happy to actually see some sunshine today! i was late up this morning, i must have slept through my alarm {I don't normally set one, but today we had to get kiki out for her rainbow trip and we are not morning people!} thankfully the kitten snuck upstairs and woke me up just in time! lola started a new drama/dance group today so it was just baya and i. it's not often i get a few hours with one kiddo, baya and i had a great time together. we got coffee and cakes {well, only coffee for mama!} and sat in the park soaking up the sunshine. we followed this with an hour in the playpark. it was one we haven't been to for ages and baya had a blast! oh, the joy of a new park :)

we fitted in a little gardening and some crafting this afternoon, now it's almost time to go pick kiki back up. i've made some necklaces and notebooks to go in the party bags for lola's party next week, and made my own flower loom {will be blogging that this week}

tonight i need to put the finishing touches to the dolls clothes i've made for lolas birthday blythe doll [man, those teeny poppers take so long to sew on} - i'm hoping to get some wrapping done tomorrow as the girls have friends round to play and will {hopefully} be distracted!

i hope you're all having a fantastic saturday too! what plans do you have for your weekend?

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