smoking + plain packets

out and about yesterday, miss lola commented on some teenagers smoking {and how nasty it was} and asked if i had ever smoked. i started smoking at around 12 {occasionally} mainly down to peer pressure. there was a definite 'image' to smoking.... i used to smoke golden virginia, and we thought we were way cooler than those who smoked other brands {esp lambert & butler!!} at 12 and 13 i would proudly display my golden virginia packet, feeling incredibly cool and grown up doing so!

there is currently a new plain packet campaign. this campiangs' aim is to make cigarette packets look attractive to children, each year 340,000 children are tempted to try smoking. would plain packaging discourage them?? from personal experience, i think it would certainly discourage many of them. if all brands looked identical, they would certainly look at lot less appealing to a image conscious teenager. the current cancer warnings tend to wash straight over their heads - at 16 you have a tendency to think that you are invincible!

i was honest with lola as to why i smoked, and how much i wish i'd never started - it's a difficult habit to quit! you can find out more about the campaign here. if we can remove the 'glamour' image that still surrounds cigarettes, then hopefully we can prevent our children from ever starting smoking.

Smoking facts for kids
Protect our children. Visit the Plain Packaging Campaign for more information and to pledge your support.

What is your thoughts on plain packets?? Would they have stopped you smoking?

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  1. I hadn't heard of this campaign but it's a good idea. I don't smoke, never have, probably because I'm too stubborn to do what everyone else does! Cancer warnings and charging stupidly high amounts don't work with kids, they still want to smoke and will quite happily waste their money on it. If plain packets help to stop kids thinking smoking is cool then bring it on! And how about not selling ciggies to anyone under 25?!

  2. I haven't heard of plain packaging here in the US but we do have a new campaign on TV that focuses on people who have had life changing issues because of smoking. One woman had a stroke and is bed ridden, one lady has a trach and wears a wig because of lung cancer, etc. They are trying to show the harmful and more realistic side to smoking. I never tried smoking - I had uncles and aunts who smokes but honestly the smell alone sends me into a gagging, coughing fit and I can't imagine actually smoking one! I hope my daughter inherits that from me! Lol!

  3. I think its so nice you brought this up, I explain to my kids that smoking is bad and very nasty and thankfully not to many people in my family smoke anymore so they hardly see it here with me, for has in school time they do talk really good about the dangerous effects it has over your body, and thankfully they all hate the smell and tell me they would never do it, hopefully. To say it stays that way

  4. It's so crazy and sad how many young kids I've seen smoking lately. Kudos to Miss Lola for having a good mindset on it from such an early age!


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