diy // make your own aromatherapy sleep spray

i occasionally get hit by bouts of insomnia, but even on the nights that it doesn't strike, sometimes it can take me a little while to switch off once i get to bed. as a working mama, i often find myself working in the evenings after the kiddos have gone to bed. while thats great for productivity, it's not so great for me switching off enough to sleep!

i've used various aromatherapy sprays before, to spray on my pillow before bed, and while they certainly help - they can get a little costly if you're on a tight budget. so here's a quick way to make your own - and much more cost effective.

 fill your spray bottle with water, and add the aromatherapy oils - I used 12 drops of lavender and 
6 drops of geranium. shake well, keep by your bed and spray before you get in!! 
{i usually also spray a little when i'm making my bed in the morning, so the scent sinks in}

these are some good aromatherapy oils to pick from:

•Chamomile for calming effects.
•Jasmine if you are suffering from depression. This is also good as an aphrodisiac, usually good for post-natal depression.
•Lavender is for calming insomnia and mild depression.
•Eucalyptus if you have a cold and have difficulty sleeping.
•Marjoram to relieve menstrual pain, sore throat and headache. This helps fight off insomnia and helps in good blood circulation.
•Neroli is a mild sedative and is effective for nervous depression, anxiety, back pain and menstrual pain.

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  1. I LOVE this!!! Jen made me a little feel better, no nightmares satchel that I'll keep under my pillow. :D I need some relaxing spray. I take FOREVER to switch off and I get insomnia OFTEN.

  2. Wow. Great idea. I want a bottle of each!

  3. This is such am awesome idea, and the pretty spray bottle is fab! I think it would make all the difference to me to be spraying it from something pretty - a lovely boudoir feeling rather than seeing it as something more medicinal! Do you have tips for finding pretty spray bottles? I've had a lot of insomnia because of nighttime mothering and I also work in the evenings so this would be just great!

    1. the pretty bottle does make all the difference! I found rhis one in a shop called past times - it was only £1.50!! i often see them in charity shops though :)

  4. Thank you SO much for this, I'm definitely making it. Really useful.



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