guestpost // The children’s books that shaped your life

The children’s books that shaped your life

My entire life, I’ve been a huge reader. As a kid, spending time with a book was my favourite thing next to recess. And while I can’t remember about 90% of the books I picked up, a select few have stuck with me through the years. Whether they introduced me to a topic or genre that I developed a passion for, inspired me to try something new, or encouraged me down a certain path in life, I will forever hold them close to my heart (as silly or badly written as they may seem to be now).

What books did you read as a kid that shaped who you are today? Here are mine:

Anne of Green Gables
This book is a Canadian classic. Most of my friends found it too difficult to read (it can get a little wordy and heavy in description), but I loved it with a passion I’ve rarely experienced for anything else. The stories of little orphan Anne and her boundless imagination and excitement for life inspired me to find the joy in the everyday.

I Capture the Castle
I credit this book as being the reason I started writing stories as a child. It encouraged me to start a diary (which is beyond hilarious to read all these years later), which in turn got me into making up stories and characters.

Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House
I’m a huge ‘fraidy cat. No shame. But I worship the ground zombies walk (shuffle?) on. And I love a good ghost story (even when each and every one leaves me sleepless and terrified of creaking floors). This classic Goosebumps book is the reason for all of it. I read it once a month for the rest of my elementary school career after first picking it up. And it scared me every time. I heart it so much.

Little Women
I was 8 when I read this book for the first time… in less than a week. At over 550 pages, my mom was pretty impressed. It was my first “big girl” book, and it made me want a sister like nobody’s business. It also introduced me to one of my favourite characters of all time – Jo March. She was everything I wanted to be as a woman: opinionated, independent and strong. I like to think I did her proud.

Harry Potter
I know. But I’m pretty sure this needs no explanation. HP4life.


thanks yael! i haven't read harry potter, but all the rest were firm favourites when i was little. my eldest daughter is a voracious reader too and she loves little women! yael blogs over at living d.i.n.k. what were your favourite books as a child??

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  1. I loved Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Jacqueline Wilson books - I genuinely think I could read all of them again!

  2. Loved Anne of Green Gables and I capture the Castle!
    Also love Trixie Belden books and oh, anything...I was always in a book :D

  3. Anne of Green Gables! Love - even to this day. Another one for me was The Secret Garden, I can't tell you how many times I've read both of those books!

  4. I loved Harry Potter - and still do! I can only hope that my boys will love to read and will find the series as great as I did.

  5. Hmmm one of my favourites as a girl was The Giver by Lois Lowry. I will also hesitantly admit that I read almost every book in the babysitters club series....

  6. Little house on the prairie and anne of green gables were my favourites :) nothing like a bit of whimsy! X


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