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strange as it seems, i'd never planned on having children. i don't know why... as a child i loved playing with my baby dolls, but as i grew older i just felt that i wouldn't have any. not that i would *choose* not to - just that i wouldn't.

looking back now i think that thought came from fear. but when i was 22 lola came along, she wasn't planned, but was very much wanted as soon as we knew she was on her way. i found myself on a path i had never expected to walk. i was smitten with motherhood - it felt like that was what i'd been destined for all along. she held my hand and helped me find my way as a new mum. she taught me so much that i will for ever be grateful for.

motherhood opened up a whole new world for me, a world full of smiles, and happiness, hugs and kisses {and a fair few sleepless nights too!} now as a mum of three beautiful girls i can't imagine life without children. it hasn't always been easy, as a fairly 'young mum', with not many friends the same age with children of their own, there were times it was hard to see them out enjoying there twenties while i was home changing nappies. but truly i wouldn't change a second of it.

my children have made me. they helped me grow into the woman i am today, and took me far away from the life i was heading towards. i am so incredibly lucky to be home with them all of the time - spending my days playing, laughing, teaching, creating with them is the best life that i can imagine.

it would be fair to say that i am feeling pretty broody right now! miss baya is three and not such a baby anymore.... as someone who never thought she'd have one child - the thought of number four is pretty crazy!!! though i don't know if we'd actually have another.
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  1. I love the idea of maternity pictures - I love ones that Heather (ugh can't remember her name but she did Becca and Caleb's pictures).

    I love the idea of having more professional family pictures taken but they always seem so expensive here in the UK (I need more photography friends lol)

  2. I was lucky enough that a good friend was studying photography whilst I was pregnant with Gaia and so I have a really beautiful print of me holding my pregnant belly in candle light. I love reminders of pregnancy, it was such a special time. I too was adamant I wasn't going to have kids but mother nature came a tappin' on my shoulder quite early in my 20's and the rest is history.

    Much love mama x

  3. How sweet. I'm 22 and expecting my first:) It's so sweet to see how God gives you exactly what you need when you need it.

  4. LOVE those...every last one of them

  5. What a beautiful and lovely post,I can relate so much to it, I was 22 when I fell pregnant with my son, he was a suprise! but a very welcome one :) we never even thought about having children lol he's now 2 and we are expecting our second at the end of August. I too don't have many friends around my age with children, and at playgroups etc. the mothers are usually older and sometimes it's hard to relate, but I feel so right being a Mum, couldn't imagine not having him :)


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