What I Wore Wednesday

This week's been a week of picking up the pieces after a mini meltdown. There is only so long that I can hold it all together, every now and then it all falls apart. But, I'm pretty darn skilled these days in putting it all back together again!

I kept the computer switched off most of the weekend. Needed some space to clear my head. To get back to being me. I was starting to feel that I'd gotten lost somewhere along the way, swept up in a stream that wasn't really me. I've been busy working on a new blog design - it will launch on the 1st July (though it's killing me waiting till then!)

I've also been making some new items for my shop, items that truly reflect my heart. I've put some items on sale {HERE} to make way for the new!

I'm hoping to get some of my art work photographed and up in the shop soon also!

Don't forget that there is a giveaway going on {HERE}

and I still have some sponsor spots available {HERE}

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  1. RosasPicksJune 22, 2011

    Summertime is finally here! And you have fabulous hair! Things are looking up...


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