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I'm thrilled to welcome such an amazing group of awesome women as sponsors for Pixie Mama for June - be sure to check out their blogs/shops - I promise you won't be disappointed!

Hi there! My name is Zayda and I'm an aspiring photographer from Colombia. I live in Southern Georgia with my husband and dog. I work full time and in my time off I'm always taking pictures, watching movies, crafting or compulsively cleaning. I have a little blog called Falling In Light where I often ramble about random stuff like photography, movies, music and crafts.


Hi! I’m Jello! I’m awkward, weird, sometimes crazy and all over the place. I hate capitals but love google and absolutely couldn’t live without spell check. I love wine, colours, bow ties, butterflies, staches and I’m a total sucker for buttons. I own an etsy shop which has a lil’ bit of all that in it. I’m constantly looking for Amazing people to share. My blog’s is about everything from yummy-husband-approved recipes to funny tales happening in my life. A life I share with my husband Pudding, our 2 cats, Cloud and Timothy, and our cute lil’ cacatoes, Kiki. we like to think that we’re one big happy family.

Go Grad Girl

My name’s Brooke and I’m a 21-year-old college graduatefrom metro Detroit, currently stationed in Columbus, Ohio (my college town; Go Bucks!). My blog, Go Grad Girl, documents my transition from college to the real world and everything that that entails, from dating and meeting new people to finding a big girl job and figuring out which part of the country I want to live in next. I blog about the goings-on in my life, societal issues that affect young women, things that inspire me. 

Hi! I'm Sara. I run a little blog called Prairie Hen that chronicals my daily adventures. I have an awesome husband. We have an (almost) 2 year old daughter, Lillian Elouise, she has a dog named Liberty and Liberty has a cat called smudge. We all live sunny Florida and try to keep my husband from melting since he is from the north. When I'm not feeding, playing with or generally caring for my Lilly you can find me with my needles and yarn in hand. I am a knitter by trade but dabble in crochet, embroidery and botanical pressing. I love to make silly creatures and give them dramatic stories. I also like crazy vintage knits, tea cups, antique children's books and thrifting. I love making new friends so I invite you to come snoop around my blog and get to know me. 

all that glitters.

I'm Nadine-Adele and I'm a blogger that takes life as it comes :) I'm 21 and study Fine Art at university. In my spare time, you can find me doodling, hanging with my friends or making stuff out of things I find :)
At freezeframe, you can expect to see lots of pretty things either made by me or others, my shop opening [soon to come], lots of photos, lots of weekly features and general updates on life, love, fashion, crafts and art. I also will be hosting lots of giveaways throughout the summer [to celebrate the sunny season! yaaay!] So make sure you come and check it out!

My name is Liliana, best knowned as Lili or as I like to write it : LeeLee.
I graduated as a Fashion Designer at the Miami International University of Art and Design. I've been living in Miami for almost 4 years. I am from Cartagena, Colombia. A tropical Paradise, too bad I hate tropical weather and I hate the beach and the sun. Maybe that's because I've never lived in a cold place before,well just once, just 2 years of my life, when I used to live in Bogota, Colombia during my first years of fashion studies.


undefinedI'm a 23 year old artistic, dready headed, God loving, hooping, preschool teacher & doggy mama. I live in the world's tiniest, most colourful house somewhere in the South, with my two crazy dogs and my work addicted boyfriend. I have a creative streak a mile wide, and make something new, every single day. I make dresses out of recycled fabric, jewelry out of old broken jewelry pieces, and paintings on that have no rhyme or reason but speak nonetheless, and are painted on old, reused canvases. Hence my shop tagline: "Recycled Materials, New Ideas.". I want to have the littlest carbon footprint as possible, while still being able to create everyday!

I'm Zoe a lover of things vintage & natural also a mummy and wife. I have two little Etsy shops and a blog head one over for a peek.

I live in a small town near Peterborough, Ontario. Newfoundland is my second home and I have spent a lot of time there, learning their culture, history and way of life. I am excited to share these experiences as well as my 
passion for crafting, baking and the outdoors!

undefinedHi all! My name is Giulia and I am Italian but I live in London! I have started blogging a couple of months ago and I am now totally in love with it! I blog about my everyday adventures, my travels and my passions: music, art and cooking!
I have just opened a shop on etsy called Il Gatto Bianco. My current collection includes necklaces and earrings designed by myself. My inspirations are tales, dreams and colors. Crafting gives me a break from my 9-5 office job and allows me to be creative and have fun. I am also into snail letters so if you are looking for new penpals, just let me know! Feel free to nose around my blog and my photos! I'd love to hear from you! Take care! Smiles! :-) 

I’m a twenty-seven year old infant in the great, big blogosphere. A sparrow-esque girl, who soars her highest when the sun sinks low, and the majestic colors of the high skies show off their elegantly enchanted glow. Once all is still, and the world has grown its darkest, you’ll find me at the keys of a dimly lit keyboard, pecking out words, evolving into phrases. An artist’s dream nudges me along, with humble hopes that when I’m gone, the creations of my midnight pecking will still live on.

In addition to working on a novel and learning the blog world, I’ve also recently opened up my own little Etsy shop! Its called Sparrow Treasures, and has become an extension of my the little craft geek in me. I’d love 
for you to stop by! Custom orders are always welcome. Just shoot over an email! 


I’m a self-employed twenty-something year old that’s ready to take on the world, ten projects at a time. My main source of income is my shop – After Nine To Five Designs where you can find jewelry, accessories, cards, and more.  I’ve been with my husband since October 2008 and married him in April 2011 at Beaches Resort in Negril, Jamaica. The wedding was absolutely amazing and I could not be happier with my choice to do a destination wedding or the man I married. We live with our two fur babies – a beagle coonhound mix named Meg and a tuxedo cat named Cosmo. 

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