What I Wore Wednesday

Well, the good news is I'm still loving my new hair cut :) Now I just need to get around to bleaching my roots and dying it and it'll look perfect!

It's a wet and windy day here... we're busy doing some housey tidying. I've just sorted through 3 little girls clothes, packed away what was too small, and filled the wardrobes with bigger, summer clothes. The youngest two have huge piles of hand me downs waiting for them. And I think we could probably clothe 6 little girls with the amount that we have!

Next on my list is to tackle my room. Since Baya moved out of the annexe on our room, I can finally have a walk-in- wardrobe!! No excuse anymore for the overflowing pile on the chair by my bed ;)

These outfit shots are from yesterday, when the rain held off and the sun shone (a little) I found the dress in a charity shop last summer, but didn't wear it much as I wasn't keen on the lenght. But I tried it on again over the weekend, and decided I actually like it now. Fickle, moi??! And, again, Baya spied me posing and came over to join in :)

dress: thrifted
lacy leggings: primark
shoes: thrifted

Remeber the painting I showed you a sneak peak of on Saturday?? Well, I finished it! (and started another!)


What do you think??? I'm really shy about sharing my artwork!! I'm thinking about putting some of the original paintings I've done up in my Etsy. Also, I opened up an account with DeviantArt (HERE) you can see some of my work (and purchase prints should you wish!!)

P.S all necklaces in my shop are now only $10 AND if you buy any necklace and earrings together, you get free shipping with coupon COMBISHIP


  1. I love that dress - it looks wonderful on you. And what a beautiful painting! You have a gift, my friend. :)

  2. Oh dear, i love your hair and how match with your skintone, the dress with the tattooes, all of it !
    Do you have blue eyes ?the painting it's so lovely :)

  3. So pretty! Love the dress, miss! :]

  4. LOVE that dress hun! LOVE

  5. lovely dress~ did i ever mention that i love your hair? :D


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