What I Wore Wednesday

It's funny, the last few weeks I seem to have gone back to wearing skinny jeans all the time. I still 'girl' it up slightly sometimes with a dress over the top. I feel like this is me, though. I don't feel right all dressed up all the time. I like girlie with an edge to it! Jeans are my friend ;) All relates to me following my heart, not trying to be someone else so that people like me!

Jeans - thrifted
Stripy vest - new look
Black top - upcycled by moi

Also,  I've put some items in my shop on sale... to make way for new goodies coming soon :) Check them out HERE and grab a bargain!


  1. SisterbatikJune 15, 2011

    I love the colour of your hair : )

    Very cool stripes and black!

  2. You look lovely, i think this style looks so cute and really suits you :) love the upcycled top!

    Zoe x

  3. LOVE this look! Your so pretty :)


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