DIY: Upcycled T-shirt

Remember last weeks 'What I Wore' post??? Well, I thought I'd share with you the upcycled top I was wearing. I saw a picture somewhere online last week of a similar styled top, worn over a tank, and figured I could make one myself. So, I picked up a cheap men's t-shirt at a charity shop and got out the scissors! The t-shirt I used was a large, pick one that's a little loose on you. Now I know it works, I plan on searching for some cool t-shirt designs, maybe old band ones to work some magic on :)

 First, take one oversize mens' t-shirt
(I used a large one)

Then, cut off the collar and the sleeves. (see the red lines below for a guide)

Third, fold the t-shirt in half (making sure it's perfectly lined up) Draw a curved line like below (you may want to try the t-shirt on to check how short you want to cut it). When you're happy with the line, cut it :)

Ta-da!!! All done!

And here is what it looked like on :)

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