List 13: Advice to live by


  • Know the rules... and then break some
  • Always be open to change
  • But hold onto your values
  • Believe in your dreams. They matter!
  •  Cherish your friends and make new ones along the way.
  • Never say "I love you" unless you mean it
  • Don't let your pride ruin a friendship
  • Do something exciting and new. Look at life from another view point.
  • Read more, watch less tv
  • Embrace some solitude
  • look the person in the eyes when you're apologising
  •  Adopt a positive attitude
  • Love like you've never been hurt
  • Treat the earth well
  • Go somewhere new every year
  • Be prepared to take risks
  • Allow yourself to be you. Don't censor your actions.
  • Have fun and enjoy a million laughs
  • Let creativity become a part of everyday life...


  1. Thanks for posting this polly, I really need to read this every day :)
    Blessings, sue x

  2. wonderful! great advice to live by.

  3. Truly wonderful!! Think I'm going to print this out as a permanent reminder!!
    Hugs xx

  4. wonderful! great advice to live by.


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