Catching up


I'm full of cold right now and I was awake half the night because my chest was so tight, I was having to take really shallow breaths and it was making me feel panicky. Feeling a little better this morning, just sleepy! So the girls have gone to the library with their Dad, leaving me home alone for the first time in ages!!! I've finished another painting whilst they've been out and now it's time for some online work!

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about which direction I want to move in with my art. I would love to be able to do some craft fairs next year - right now I don't have the confidence. I've decided that I'm going to set up an etsy shop, I'm busy working on it now, and hopefully it will be up and running soon. I'm also going to be making a few small changes around here... I've bought my own domain name, so I now own PixieMama.co.uk!!!

All that as well as having 3 girls, 3 cats and a house to look after! If I only had a few extra hours in my day or a pause button for everything!!! Hope you are all having a lovely autumn day



  1. We are sending you get well soon vibes! {{hugs}}

    Congratulations on setting up the Etsy shop and purchasing the domain name! :)

    Take care and we hope you feel better soon!


  2. I look forward to your daily emails. Thank you for brightening my days. I wish you wellness and quick recovery.

  3. Oh, I hope you feel better!

    I can't find contact information for you, but I'd really like to talk with you this weekend if you can find the space to drop me a line.

    family at cagefreefamily dot com



  4. Yay, good for you. Look forward to seeing everything in your shop xxx

  5. so glad you're feeling better.

    congrats on the domain!

    take it easy, continue getting better.

  6. Yay, good for you. Look forward to seeing everything in your shop xxx


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