what mama wore // true blue >>>>

goodbye red! i finally got around to changing up my hair! i opted for a turquoise, it came out a little bluer, but i'm loving it. three + a half years of red was enough - it was time for a change. what do you think?? i also am loving this straight hair. my hair is naturally wavy, and generally i am too lazy don't have time to straighten it. i normally just leave it to air dry. however, i got sent this new hair tool, an instyler to try out. it worked amazingly. i have a flat iron, but it seems to take an age to straighten my hair out with it. this, well, it took minutes. it has a brush attached, as well as a rotating barrel. you can use it to make curls also - i'll be giving that a go soon ;) you can find out more about it here

it's amazing how a new 'do can make you feel rejuvenated. my kiddos loved it too - they just want to play hairdressers now! what do you think of my new do??

this is what i wore on sunday, just a lazing around, family kinda day :) nothing special - but somehow those days are the best

boots - ebay
jeans - thrifted
tights - primark
cardigan - thrifted
vest - new look
t-shirt - thrifted
owl necklace - this enchanted pixie

you can find out more about the instyler and purchase one here

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  1. I love your new colour Polly - 'bout ten years ago twas my hair colour of choice too ;0) ... that red cardi looks delcious! Much love X

  2. I love the blue! I bought an instyle about 3 years ago and it is really easy to use! I have pretty thick hair, so the only thing I personally didn't like was all the volume it gave. Others love that about it though, guess it depends. Looks great though!

  3. I love this colour! I've dip-dyed my hair blue a few times but, because I have white-blonde hair, I've always had to do it a really light baby blue. I love your colour with the black. :- )

    Xx. Emma @ ever so

  4. Really gorgeous colour!
    {I'm the winner of your shop giveaway-thank you!!}

  5. Beautiful! I love the blue and the comfy cardi.

  6. you always look so cozy! i covet that sweater :) xx

  7. Oh, Polly!!! Your hair is so, so pretty - I love the blue, it's my favorite color. :D Your outfit is also so pretty and whimsical!

  8. I really adore your style. All of it!


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