instalife >>>>

friday night // good tunes
sweet gift // cosy new slippers
mr bear // earrings ready for my open house
new rings in the shop!

thank goodness it's saturday! i'm forcing myself to take some time off this weekend, it's been a crazy busy week and i'm in need of some downtime. i'm spending this morning on the phone to technical support as i'm having issues with my iphone :/ sad face i'm lost without my phone!!

the sun is shining, so i think we'll get out for a hike today or tomorrow, enjoy some fresh air and some peace. the kiddos and i are planning a movie night tonight - not sure what we're watching yet, but i'm looking forward to it!

what do you have planned for your weekend?


polly xo

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  1. I love these photos. I may have asked you this before, but what app do you use to create those effects? Is it Hipstamatic? x

    1. yup! hipstamatic - bettie xl lens, ina's 1935 film :D

  2. ha - the weekend you describe here is pretty much the weekend we've just had - Girlie watched videos Friday evening whilst the Boyo was at a sleepover, yesterday we had the family visiting and today we've been out for a long hike in the autumn sunshine. Was just the break and the chance to recharge that we all needed. Know what you mean about the phone, I'd be lost without mine. I keep intending to go on a break from it, and have a weekend without having it by me, then I remember I need to email/message someone, take a photo, look something up on line, send a tweet etc etc and the good plans go out the window. :)

  3. I am ridiculously addicted to instagram! I haven't tried Hipstamatic yet though - I like the effect!


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