what mama wore // hey ho let's go>>>>

= outfit details = 
dress {as skirt} - new look
cardigan - thrifted
t-shirt - gifted
tights - primark
moccasins - h&m
feather necklace - this enchanted pixie

i could just about live in this dress//skirt. i love the print so much, you can't really see from the photos, but there are little sequins all over it also. i love how versatile it is, it works as a dress, as a skirt, over jeans... it's a great 'go-to' piece.

it looks like a lovely autumn day - you just can't see the light rain that was falling! it's been raining pretty much all week, i'm crossing my fingers it's dry at the weekend so we can have the fire we're planning. there's something soothing about sitting around our firepit. this moon cycle is kicking my ass a little, i feel like i'm on a constant catch up and a little off centre {moondaughter shared some affirmations for this waxing moon here}

i've been working all week to get ready for the first of my open house events {selling my jewelry in person}- if any of you are local i'd love for you to pop by! see here for more info or drop me an email. i'm almost all set - i think my kiddos have plans on doing a little baking for it too!

this evening the girls and i are planning on making a countdown paper chain {one chain for each day till christmas, the idea is to tear one off each day}, elf is going on the tv and we have hot chocolate, squirty cream and mini marshmallows :)

have you started getting ready for christmas yet?

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  1. Just love the outfit :) wish i lived in your area so i could attend your open house sounds like it will be fun! love the new colour in your hair too. I plan to make an advent calendar for my little boy, his b'day is 2days before christmas so it's a time for us!
    K xx

  2. Oh I love those Moccasins! I hope they're still online going to look now :D! I'm having a MAC Giveaway if you fancy checking it out xx


  3. Can't go wrong with the Ramones!

  4. How cute are you? Love the dress as a skirt!


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