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christmas is coming. it's in our faces in every shop we see. encouraging us to spend our money, telling us we need to buy this. we're lucky, my kiddos wake up on christmas morning to huge piles of gifts courtesy of santa. they have a home, clothes, more toys than they need. they do not have to wonder when they will eat next. unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as we are. there are thousands of under-privileged children around the world who won't be waking up to a mountain of gifts on christmas morning, who don't have the love and security mine do, who don't have toys, or food, or basic provisions.

operation christmas child is the world's largest children's christmas project, run by the christian charity samaritan's purse. We have been sending gift-filled shoeboxes around the world since 1990, bringing joy and into the lives of over 94 million underprivileged children. contrary to what some believe, they do not place christian materials in the boxes, or expect the children to go to church, or believe anything. They give unconditionally to children who are badly in need. you can read their truth statement here

filling a shoebox for a child in need has become a tradition of ours each christmas time. it allows us to give a little back, and helps the girls to understand a little of the world, and a little of how lucky they are. we've been carefully choosing some gifts today, a teddy, yoyo, flannel, soap, toothbrush + toothpaste, a colouring book and some crayons, a hat and gloves, a puzzle and some sweets. the girls spent a long time picking out just the right things. hopefully this box will put a smile on a little girls face! you can find out how to take part here or create a box online here

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  1. This is such a wonderful project! Thanks for sharing. I'm really looking forward to participating!

    Ally @ www.insireandthrive.blogspot.com

  2. love this, deffinitly wanting to do something like this with the kids this christmas, glad of the link thank you for sharing x x x

  3. Really want to do this too, thanks for inspiring and sharing Polly x


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