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Hey, it's Joanna from ModaMama here.  I always find the intro paragraph and spiel of guests posts to be really awkward and difficult.   It's like a bad dating video, "I'm Joanna and I like dresses, fashion, photography, long walks on the beach...blah, blah, blah."  So let's skip that shall we?  If you want to know a bit about me, hop on over to the site and we'll chat!

So what am I here to say?  I'm here to say, "Cheer up! You're going to die!"  Let me explain.

We all stress a lot about a lot of things:  Fashion, blogging, sponsorship, posting, our car, this wrinkle, that wart, etc. etc.   And the fact is that a lot of the things we stress about don't matter at all.  In 80 years or so we'll be dead and 80 years after that chances are no one will remember our names.

Don't believe me?  How many know what your great great great grandmother on your Father's side name was?  What about her hopes, dreams, passion, etc etc?  See it doesn't matter 'cause our time here is really small and finite.

So on the flip side, smile because it doesn't matter!  There's no need to stress about your sponsorship, your blog layout, your not cool enough car, 'cause it really doesn't matter.  The person with the Jag and the person with the twenty year old Volvo are both in the same boat.  Yup, they'll both be dead.

So really all that matters is today, and what you decide is worth your time.

Now since I'm a fashion blogger I'm going to bring that back on point now.  It means that though I love fashion, it doesn't matter.  My daughter, my love, my passion matters, and so it gives me endless freedom to play with my look.  It means I can wear leopard, spots, florals - whatever I choose!  And the worst thing that will happen is that it'll look bad.  For one day.  Out of the lifespan of the entire universe.

thanks for a fantastic post joanna!!!

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  1. This is such a wonderful post, and it is just fantastic to have someone come out and say this. The blogosphere tends to seem a bit shallow at times and to have such a real post from a fashion blogger is absolutely refreshing!

  2. I just read this and thought, see- I knew it didn't really matter that so and so didn't look like this and that or do what it was supposed to etc. ...

    Making the most of each day and embracing your passions is most important.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Fern, PennyBakesLove.blogspot.co.uk x

  3. Great post! I've been very stressed, negative and easily irritated about stuff these last couple of months, but really it's just a waste of energy and completely and utterly pointless - thanks for the reminder, you are so right!

  4. Exactly what I needed today, a reminder to not take myself so seriously.

    One of my favorite sayings, don't know where I found it:

    Rule #1: Don't sweat the small stuff.
    Rule #2: It's all small stuff.


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