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home again. it was good to get away, if only for a few days. lincoln was home until 8 years ago, we still have family there, so it was good to get back for a few days, spend a little time with our folks, and take the girls to  see some of the sights. we never have enough time. a few snatched hours with family is never quite enough. it was the first time in a whole year we got to see my daddy. sometimes that's hard to deal with, i feel so separate from everyone else. not quite a part of the family anymore.

but all in all, we had fun. the girls got spoilt {and so did we} we fed the swans, did some shopping, visited the castle and cathedral, played with cousins, went to the fair and got caught up on life in lincoln. it seems like a lifetime ago we lived there, i'm not sure i could imagine living there again, but i love to visit.

now it's back to real life. i've a mountain of laundry to tackle, a stack of orders to ship out, new stock to make, a mile long to-do list and all of that to fit in around homeschooling... it's going to be a busy week!!

p.s the winner of the wild faerie caps giveaway was laura - check your email!

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  1. I used to live in Lincoln too when I was at University there! I miss it soooo much :( love everything about it, glad you had a nice time xx


  2. I used to live in Lincoln when I went to Uni. Its such a beautiful city. I must go back soon.

  3. Great pictures. It looked like a lot of fun. It must be hard to live far from your family. I have thought of maybe moving our little family somewhere different some day, but that is the thing that makes me want to wait until the kids are older.

    The monkey bar pic is golden.


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