bits + pieces >>>>

1. table set up for last week's open house 2. mince pies! 3. letters to santa 4. thrift shop finds 5. new dreamcatcher thanks to the beautiful Bec 6. making hanging mirrors to put on my christmas tree 7. cherry buttermilk cake {recipe coming next week!}

hope you're all having a good friday - i'm glad it's almost the weekend. it's been a busy week {again} but a good one too. i've been busy shipping lots of orders, and making some more stock. also planning a few new lines that will come to the shop probably after christmas. we've family coming in tonight for a few hours for a pre-christmas visit. i spent last night wrapping gifts - looks like i'm almost finished shopping! just need a few extra's for my mr - he's not easy to shop for!! any manly suggestions?!

tomorrow we're planning on putting the christmas decorations up and hoping to head up to a christmas market on sunday {and the kiddos might visit santa in grotto.

what do you have planned for you weekend??

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  1. Love the branches setup up for your jewelry display- very cute!~ xo

  2. You neeeeed to share more from your open house! Looks beautiful :)

  3. Oh I love that dreamcatcher, so pretty!

  4. Love the pics my lady! We're probably going to put up our tree this weekend too. Feels like we just put it up! LOL!

  5. Well hello! Ive hopped on over from Miki's Blog so thought I would say hi, and what a pretty blog you have!
    Daisy Dayz

  6. The pies with the stars are great, so whimsical and yummy looking! I love all of the holiday preparations!

    ps I fixed the link on my blog and I hope you come back and follow!

  7. I love Jan, he came to my primary school as a child and I've always held that memory as I see his books as an adult. He gave us a little class in how to draw! x

  8. I really love the first picture! :D

  9. These photos are gorgeous, love that dream catcher xo

  10. Great blog. THose tarts look amazing


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