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it's been another jam packed week here. the kiddos have been busy studying, i've been busy getting stocked for my open house events, as well as keep the shop replenished in this busy holiday season! {p.s 25% off now with code 'tryalittlekindness'}

truth be told i'm a little overwhelmed. sometimes a mama could use a little break, but kiddos don't stop, life keeps on going, the housework never waits and stock has to be made now! i think after christmas a little break is in order ;)

anyway, here's about the photos - 1. little miss enjoying the autumn leaves 2. christmas tunes 3. getting stock ready for my open house events 4. finally made our christmas cake! 5. the kiddos are enjoying our new history curriculum 6. a certain girl turned 9 1/2 - so we celebrated with a half birthday cake ;) 7. autumn walks

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  1. Lovely photos. I absolutely love She & Him! :- )

    Hope you get a chance to chill out soon
    Xx. Emma @ ever--so.blogspot.co.uk


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