rainy days >>>>

we woke up to grey skies and lots of rain. instead of letting it put a dampner on things we wrapped up and went out for a puddle splashing session. embraced the rain and gave thanks for it :)

home to warm up with hot chocolates and a little peppa pig splashing in muddy puddles too, before we began homeschool. miss baya is loving her new peppa pig toy too {and she's mighty appropriate today seeing as she's a puddle jumping, mud covered piggy}. toy peppa joined in with the puddle jumping fun - she counts and bounces up and down ;)

i'm hoping the rain eases off before we have to walk lola to netball this evening - sometimes being car free has it's downfalls ha!

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  1. Hi your daughter is a cutie. I just got soaked on my way home from the hospital, it a cup of hot coco day.

  2. That sounds like such a lovely day - I wanna go puddle jumping! Ahah

    Your daughter is adorable :- )

    Xx. Emma @ ever--so.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Your daughter is so sweet! We love peppa pig in our household too!

  4. Your daughter is so adorable...and i think that is the cutest stuffed animal i have ever seen. I had a piggie when i was a kid but not with mud splashes all over. too cute.

  5. You're a stylish AND cool mom! :p

  6. A car free momma like me!!! It does have it's downfalls. I would like to have a license sometimes but I make do. At the same time I'm so happy I'm going to instill walking into my child's life. So many people I know never walk. It truly saddens me.


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