what i wore: mustard & checks

it was a wet & blustery day so you get these from the comfort of my bedroom ;) seriously - i'd have probably blown away if i'd of gone outside! i haven't worn this dress for a while - and i'd kinda forgotten how short it was until i saw these, maybe i should wear it over jeans?!

still, i picked up the legwarmers in the sale at h&m - i love mustard accessories so much right now. and the boots were a thrifty find yesterday - and a bargain at only £2.

p.s please excuse the big under eye bags - the kiddos kept me up most of the night before :/


dress - florenece & fred
vest - new look
tights & legwarmers - h&m
boots - thrifted
button ring - this enchanted pixie

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  1. Heather BelleFebruary 24, 2012

    You are too cute :) I love how the reds in the shirt go with your hair! And I love those pretty leg warmers too!
    xo Heatherhttp://ahopelessnotebook.blogspot.com/

  2. Cute outfit! I love the surprise of the mustard socks, they look so cozy!

  3. Julie CanudoFebruary 24, 2012

    Such a cute look. Love how you used legwarmers in place of longer socks :)



  4. Cheryl DuncanFebruary 24, 2012

    Gah, you always look so beautiful!!!

  5. Wow, how do you look so great (not to mention put together style-wise!) after a sleepless night?! I wish I looked like that on Tuesday after mine! Also boots for £2?! cool!

  6. Very cute! I like it :)

  7.  Nooo jeans! Looks perfect the way it is.
    I love the pop of color from your hair and the legwarmers!


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