sometimes i feel like running away
sometimes it all feels like too much
too many different roles to juggle
sometimes i yearn for some time to myself,
almost 9 years with never more than a couple of child free hours to myself
sometimes school seems like a better {easier} option
sometimes i feel like burying my head in the sand
or standing outside and screaming
sometimes i feel lost
and not up to this job/life
sometimes i wonder if the choices we made were the right ones
sometimes i think too much ;)

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  1. Yes, I do feel the need to run away sometimes. I'm right there with you today, lady. *sigh*

  2. I think there are moments in all of our lives where we wonder about our choices and wish we could run away! 

    But what you do is amazing. Incredibly hard, I'm sure, but a lot of the best things are! Your girls will thank you for the rest of their lives. 

    (p.s. feel free to ignore this idea because everyone has their own path/approach to attachment etc, but what about planning a holiday just for you, for a few days, maybe with a girlfriend/family member?)

  3. I'm right there with you this week. Thinking way too much and doubting myself and life and choices... but I know this too shall pass and I will settle back into my happy, content life.


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