saturday sun

it's been a sunny & fun saturday. kiki went to her friends house for the day, and lola had a friend round to play. the house has been full of giggles and glitter all day ♥♥♥ the sun has been shining, my laundry is drying outside, miss baya and i have been bouncing on the trampoline and watching the clouds float by.

i've spent the past hour moving things around so that miss lola can have the playroom as her bedroom, instead of a bedroom/playroom. she's getting bigger and in need of some space to call her own. we're almost sorted, all that's left to do is move the play kitchen upstairs and her wardrobe down to her room, but that will have to wait till the mr is home to help.

i've some good tunes blasting out to sing along to while we work, dinner is cooking and all is good :) today has been one of those days that fill your heart and soul and just make you feel good!

i'm looking forward to some crafty time in front of a movie this evening while i wait for my mr to get home from work.

what are your plans for the weekend??

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  1. There's nothing like good music to help you get in the mood to get stuff done! I'm also hoping to get crafty this weekend :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday to me! :)

  3. music makes such a difference doesn't it?! hope you get some crafting done too :)

  4. if only they could all be like today ;p

  5. I was reading this with a huge smile on my face! Such a gorgeous post and sounds like one of those perfectly relaxing, happy, feel good days. ♥ So happy for you and your little family. Y'all rock!!!


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