diy vintage fabric garland

i've been wanting something to hang on the wall above my bed for ages, but as we're on a zero shopping budget right now, it needed to be something i could create from things i already had in the house. then the other day i was looking in my fabric scrap box for something for kiki, when i pulled out a rectangular piece and the idea for a garland/bunting cross. i love vintage fabrics, i collect them like crazy and am loathe to throw away scraps. this seemed like a great way to use some of it up, and brighten up my room at the same time.

all you need
a rectangular length of fabric {mine was roughly 4 foot long and around 12" wide, you can make it as big/small as the space you like}
bias tape

cut your fabric to your required lenght, measure a strip of bias tape that's around one and a half times as long as the fabric. iron in half, pin the fabric into it {leaving equal lengths on each side} and then sew in place.

all that remains is to cut the garland, you could measure the strips out if you want it to be perfect, but i just free handed it. each of my strips is around an inch wide, and i stopped cutting about half an inch below the bias tape.

then hang in place and admire your handiwork ;)


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  1. Vanisha Mishra-VakaotiFebruary 23, 2012

    This is beautiful. I can't use a sewing machine, they hate me! I have have sewn a skirt for myself though (tiny, neat stitches!) I would pay money for this! I can't wait to have a baby!!!! There are so many great ideas out there. I really love this.

    Vanisha's Life in...Australia http://vanishaslife.blogspot.com

  2. oh that is great! i'm going to make one!x

  3. Julie CanudoFebruary 23, 2012

    I've been on a garland/bunting kick for awhile now. This looks so simple and cute (inexpensive too!) I may steal this idea for my next LO's room :) Thanks for sharing.



  4. this is absolutely adorable! you are so creative! i'm really excited to be your newest follower, stopping by from the grow your blog hop! (yes i'm behind! wink.)

    happy thursday to you!
    make it a good one!

  5. Looooove so much!

  6. Gina_AcuteDesignsFebruary 26, 2012

    Cute!  I love the patterns on vintage fabric.

  7. How fun and so vintage!! Awesome..

    Thanks for the inspiration and linking up at Create & Inspire!

    Angie from ALI

  8. Fabulous project!!!
    Thank you for linking up, hope you will stop by my blog today and link up another great project...
    Claire xox


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