saturday sun

woot! we actually have some sunshine today {albeit in between the rain showers ;) } - sunny skies do wonders for the soul. the kiddos have friends round, three extra girls in the house today! i love having a houseful of kiddos - it's so nice to hear them playing and having fun!

as they are all busy, i've had time to photograph, edit and list the new rings in my shop -here are a few of them:

i made a couple for me, and the kiddos claimed one each ;) there are 16 listed in total, and i also added a new necklace and another gift set option {ring, earrings & necklace for $25} don't forget that you can save 20% with coupon loveme OR get $5 off when $25 or more with coupon Pixielove

i'm looking forward to a relaxing evening + sunday after this. it's been a hectic week and this mama is worn out. my mr is out tonight, so i think a good girlie movie is in order - any netlix recomendations??

there is still time to enter the giveaway if you haven't already - and if you are looking to advertise your shop/blog in march i'm open for sponsors now :)

yesterday i got the best news - i won an amazing giveaway over on tales of tumbleweed - i'm so excited to get my prizes!!  after a crappy kinda day it was the best thing i could have heard beore i went to bed last night!

what do you have planned for you weekend?


  1. nice ons ! I made a lot of them too, even crocheted ( I thought I was original by doing that ... But it's not strange that other people get that idea too of course ) 

  2. Julie CanudoFebruary 18, 2012

    Your rings are adorable :) This weekend, spending some family time at home. Sun's out here too, so we're taking advantage of the backyard...have a lovely evening & Sunday!


  3. Vanisha Mishra-VakaotiFebruary 19, 2012

    Congratulations on winning the giveaway! Yay! We had grand plans for the weekend but the weather had its own plans. Loving your new pieces Polly.

    Vanisha's Life in...Australia (http://vanishaslife.blogspot.com)


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