weekend links

braving the cold out on the deck this morning!

happy weekend friends! it's mighty cold here - no snow though - just lots of rain! apart from taking miss lola to her history club this morning, it's been a staying home kinda day. i've gotten caught up on my housework and listened to some good tunes. the kiddos made themselves an indoors picnic and played lots of made up games - it's been a surprisingly good day! sometimes it's the quiet days that turn out to fill your heart with love ♥♥♥

i think we'll make some homemade pizzas for dinner - pizza and a movie sound like the perfect end to the day. 

here are a few links for your saturday:

i've never tried bubble tea, but after seeing lauren's post i want to try making some

kate's printable valentines business cards are so cute!

can't wait to try out lisa's diy glitter nail polish

i loved danielles response to lisa khoury's article "Why Put a Bumper Sticker on a Ferrari?"

this iphone case for your baby/toddler - miss baya is always on mine!

love watching bloggy friends vlogs - i need to do another one!

what do you have planned for the weekend??

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  1. Thanks for sharing the DIY glitter nail polish - awesome! Thanks for the shout out, too. ;)

  2. haha that baby iphone case is such an awesome idea! I have to work out whether I'll go down that route or just try to keep him away from it altogether (only just got mine)...

    I love homely Saturdays too. Ours was kinda similar actually!

  3. Love those Valentines cards! Love any free printables! Your weekend sounds so nice. I have spent mine outside in the cold alot so today I am cuddling up on the couch with some Grey's Anatomy while the boy goes ice skating. Sounds good to me!

  4. Homemade pizza and a movie DOES sound perfect! I think you've inspired my dinner plans for tonight...

  5. Sounds lovely! My mom and I just decided to try our hand at making our own pizza too. Can't wait to try it!

    Also, thanks for the links, especially the bubble tea recipes sounds amazimg:D


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