what i love about harry potter - by miss lola

I have just finished reading all of the Harry Potter Books, and I wanted to say what i love about them.

My favourite characters from Harry Potter are:

Harry Potter because he is brave

Draco Malfoy because he has cool hair.

Cho Chang because she is pretty.

Fred and George Weasely because they are cheeky.

Ronald Weasley because he is silly

Professor Lupin because he is weird.

My favourite parts in the books are when Fred pretends to be George in the first book and the tri-wizard tournament in the fourth book.
The class I would like to take the most is the defence against the dark arts because it has a new professor every year.

My least favourite professor is Professor Snape because he is mean, and he doesn't like Harry's potions.

My favourite professor is Dumbledore because he was nice and he gave Harry private lessons.

miss lola is so excited for her first blog post!! please remember she is only 8 and be super kind :)

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  1. Wonderful post, Lola!!! You should be very proud! I love your favorite Harry Potter characters. My top five are: Snape (because of who he *actually* is), Bellatrix (she may be a bad guy, but I like her!), Luna (because she's not afraid to be herself), Fred and George (because THEY JUST ROCK!)

    I haven't read the whole series for a long, long time... I think I must give 'tis another read!

    I hope you guest post more in the future, Lola! Have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. Great post! I love Harry Potter too, Miss Lola!

  3. michellefwilliamsFebruary 12, 2012

    That's a really good first blog post Lola.  I like the Harry Potter books too and think it's really great that you like reading.  I like Professor Lupin because he's weird too.


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