happiness is.....

 'happiness is...' -  each week we'll meet two lovely ladies to find out what happiness is to them.... if you'd like to take part please drop me an email :)

 what makes you happiest?
The sensation of having complete freedom and being, doing, experiencing exactly what you want to in that moment. Feeling like you're right where you're suppose to be. 
do you have a ‘happy place’?
I know this is going to sound cheesy and some of you may want to throw up after this, but my happy place is this moment that happens just about every night in my home. My husband and I are curled up in bed, warm, under the blankets and the certain charming way he wraps his arms around me makes me feel like I am in the safest place in the world. That, hands down, is my happy place. >inserting puking noises here<
do you have a favourite happy song?
 My favorite happy song is by Melissa Ethridge, I'm the only one. I can't even recall at the moment what the lyrics are exactly, but the combination of rockin' music and passion in Melissa's voice when she sings that - it wakes up every cell in my body. 
what gets you past a bad day?
The idea of a better tomorrow. And knowing that my actions and choices right now are what help create it. Including how kind I am to myself.

what makes you happiest?
Waking up in the morning after a really great sleep, to the smell of fresh bread from the bread-maker with my best friend (husband) at my side!
Also, currently feeling Pip kick and wiggle around makes me smile.

do you have a ‘happy place’?
I have a few:
My destination happy place is definitely Newfoundland.
Also, anytime I am outdoors, in the forest walking or sitting by a lake I feel calm and happy.
My last happy place is at home: sitting in front of my sewing machine or baking in the kitchen. Activities I do to help me relax when I feel stressed.

do you have a favourite happy song?

I find music in general helps to keep my spirits high. As long as it has a good beat, some positive lyric, or a really catchy tune it is sure to keep me smiling :)

what gets you past a bad day?
Knowing that tomorrow is a whole new day! Happy feelings are much stronger than sad feelings so I know that eventually the negativity will float away. Also a really good cuddle from my hubby or my pup puts me in a much better place.

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  1. MotherfunkerFebruary 09, 2012

    Loverly! Gorgeous hair Megan, I have just gotten fed up of constantly dyeing mine that exact shade of pink, so it's now a bit of a strawberry shade ;-) I like that both of your happy places are simple and close to your heart. Better than picking some place the other side of the world. Paradise is right here! :-)

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