Saturday Link ♥ Love


Saturday again! I was going to write this last night, but I so wasn't in the mood. But after 8 hours sleep (with no interruptions!!!) I'm feeling way brighter this morning. Yay!! Just hope the sun decides to shine as I feel like getting out and NOT getting wet today!

I've been in full on sewing mode all week, making tops and headbands, and I've drawn a pattern for a dress - might tackle that later if I get a chance.

Here's a few nuggets of  Link ♥ Love from my week -

  • I love reading Jen Lemen's wise words, they never fail to make me feel better. 
  • Yes and Yes -  a great blog I stumbled on yesterday by Sarah Von. I love it! 
    • I've been reading Little Chief Honeybee for a while - Miss Kayleah always puts a smile on my face!  Right now, she's running an AMAZING giveaway on her blog, go check it out:

    What are the highlights from your week?

    And don't forget to enter MY giveaway either!!


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