A list for a new month


Happy November!! (yes... i know I'm a few days late wishing that!!!) I'm loving the autumn this year. I can feel change all around me, and I am super excited by it! As the leaves fall of the trees, so I can feel myself shedding parts of me that no longer fit... making way for me to grow. 

Here's my list/goals for November
  • Get back into a regular yoga practice
  • Bake some (lots) of muffins
  • Write a few letters and POST them!
  • Make some of this
  • Get my prints listed in my Etsy Shop (keep watching, for when they're up I'll be running some giveaways!)
  • Take lots of autumny walks with the girls
  • Try and find some (cheap) patchwork quilts for my house
  • And do some decluttering/rearranging/decorating too!
  • Write/blog every day
  • Have friends round for a meal
  • Take lots of photos
  • Knit some of these

 What are your goals for this month?

 Next week's 'Living Life Your Way...' Interview is with Goddess Leonie from Goddess Guidebook

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  1. That's a good list. If i don't write lists nothing would ever happen. I also need to get back into my yoga xx


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