what i wore // freedom

boots - ebay
leggings - primark
dress - thrifted
lace vest - vintage
earrings + suede bracelet - gypsie sister
lace bracelet + amethyst necklace - thisenchantedpixie

i snuck down the woods just before it started to rain to take these. we'd been swimming just before, and my hair's gone a bit weird from getting wet :/ it was one of those days when no matter how you do your hair it just doesn't look right. feel like it's time for a change {again, i know} i'm not sure i love this colour that much. i've been dreaming over pictures of beautiful undyed hair, love pretty ombre hair. who knows...

i got these beautiful earrings and freedom bracelet in the post from gypsie sisters. they are so beautiful <3<3<3 the amyethst necklace will be in my shop once it reopens. all this grey and wet weather is making me sleepy, i could quite happily curl in a ball and doze all day long!

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  1. Such a pretty, ethereal outfit -- love it! And I'm pretty smitten with ombre hair recently, too -- just not sure I could pull it off.

  2. I love those earrings, i was drooling over those in her shop. You look gorgeous, xxx Gabi xxx

  3. Im having one of those hair days also!! :) you look gorgeous polly, love the lace vest.

    Zoe x

  4. I loooove that lace braclet - so dainty and subtle!

  5. Cute outfit, I love all the accessories :)

  6. I think I need to get my bracelet on... love both the lace and the peace one... lovely little shoot. :) I am toying with the ombre idea too... I think the good thing about it is... if you really hate it, you can just snip it off :) Love Elle xo

  7. Amazing hair! I love this outfit in general too.

    Also, I just noticed there is a typo in your header ;) Enchanted is spelt wrong, just a heads up!

  8. You look gorgeous mama :)

  9. Very cute!! Love that lacy tank over top. :)

  10. I just love your style


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