bits + pieces - and a giveaway!

1. yummy healthy lunches
2. cute little painted faces
3. smelling the roses
4. new necklaces
5. candlelit baths
6. snail mail from the beautiful zoe
7. teeny mushroom

a few peeks into my world this week :)
saturday - i woke up feeling awful - tired, cranky and with zero energy. i've managed to get a little housework done and took the little two to the park while lola was at drama. i've been feeling like this too often lately. something needs to change. i think i'm anaemic {again, it's time to take  a bit more care of myself. more early nights, less cake, more exercise, less coffee... that kinda stuff. my diet hasn't been great lately and i'm sure that's partly to blame. i need some simple, cheap healthy meal ideas to get me going. i think it's time to cut out the coffee/tea and cut down on how much bread + cheese i've been eating. i'm hoping for an early night tonight and then i might take these kiddos out on a long walk tomorrow - some fresh country air should blow a few cobwebs away!

i've just finished packing up the last of the orders from my sale - you guys rock!! the shop is now shut while i give it a facelift and list the new stock. however, i have one lucky dip bag left {with at least $40 worth of jewelry in!}- so i thought i'd do an impromptu giveaway! enter below to win

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  1. Salads are an easy lunch and you can add lots of tasty things to them like strawberries and goat's cheese(my favorite combination!).
    Hope you'll find the time to be healthier and feel better soon!

    And thanks for doing a giveaway like that, it is wonderful!

  2. Your daughter has such beautiful eyes! So precious. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  3. Lovely giveaway!

    I am addicted to that chocolate spice tea: quite good for a healthy chocolate fix too, I find! xo

  4. yay this giveaway sounds awesome, thanks!
    and this pictures are adorable, the one with her face painted, so cute! and chocolate spice tea, whaaaat? i have GOT to try this, i loveeee tea! :)

  5. I love these pictures! :D


  6. lovely pics, necklaces look gorgeous. Hope that you feel better - lots of walking and fresh air always help, and I'd back the suggestion for summer salads - feels light and healthy and lots of energy.

  7. Glad you don't feel like this anymore. I just entered your giveaway... never done one before... not sure if I did it right... hmm... Love Elle xo

  8. I'm right there with ya on the diet change. I've been drastically working on my diet--not always easy. I eat entirely too much cheese and bread/pasta.


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