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Hi, I'm Jessa! I am a vintage collecting, nature loving, and all around quirky girl. My blog follows me as I navigate through my adventures as a vintage shop owner, self taught graphic designer, and photography enthusiast in The Thousand Acre Woods.


Hi there! My name is Rachel Shearer, and I'm a 17 year old aspiring photographer! I put everything I have into what I do, whether it be a shoot, editing, or even creating actions. I love girly things, movies (from chick flicks to action movies, comedies to {some} horror), music, crafts, and my friends. I'm kinda obsessed with my hair because it got chopped nearly all the way off several years ago, and I love to accessorize. Stop on by, I love to make new friends!


Minimalist mama of two goddess girls, Eden and Ostara


Hello friends! I am a red-headed, left-handed, vintage loving girl who enjoys baking, dressing up, making wonderful new friends and having fun adventures! You will find all of these tales and more over at my little blog, Foxy Whiskers!
I would love you to swing by and say Hi!

My name is Alyssa, I'm 23 years old married to my sweet red-headed husband, Brand. I blog all about my life and let me tell you, I have quite a lot going on! Currently I'm going to school full-time earning my degree in Social Work at ASU, I work as an administrative assistant, I have a side job selling crochet baby blankets, an etsy, a blog and a social life that I am failing miserably at. I have lots of hobbies and find myself to be a pretty normal person. Some of my favorite hobbies are: watching The Office & Teen Mom (totally different shows but I can't resist either!), crocheting, rock-climbing (I'm a recent lover), couponing, being crafty, hanging out with the hubs, holding babies (not in a creepy way haha!) and being around people.

So, come on by my blog and check me out! I can be pretty entertaining at times, or maybe I just entertain myself!

my name is jules and i am a fun lovin' gal from toronto! this little blog is about my life and my loves - cupcakes, christmas, my boyfriend, my fam, party planning!, the beatles, arts & crafts, fashion, my bffs, going on adventures!, 90's sitcoms,minnie mouse, movies, red lipstick, sparkly things and anything & everything positive!

Hi, Hi. I'm Julie and I blog over at The Funny Thing Of It Is. I am a wife of 15 years, a mother of 3 crazy kids, a lover of Jesus, a native american and I Love to Laugh.
My life can drive me downright crazy at times, to be honest...but I opt to find the humor and grace in it all.
In my blog you will find sarcasm, of course a humorous look at the insanity that is my life, and a honest look at things I have been through & encouragement from a gal of faith who definitely experienced the love of God when life needed a pick me up. Won't you stop by?


hi there! i'm yael - a scanner by nature, a writer by (hopefully) future profession, and a lover of all things tattoos and zombie related. i blog over at living d.i.n.k. about life as a newlywed, living a childfree life, delicious eats, crafty and diy things, and much, much more! i love discovering new blogs and making new friends. hope to see you around!

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