bits + pieces

baby spiders
down by the river
♥♥♥♥ music time
yummy strawberries
starting to build our chicken house!
photo shoot for new stock
breakfast smoothies
nature journals
someone thought i'd done enough work!

it's rained pretty much all week here, and been pretty cold too. we've made a start on building our chicken house, but keep getting rained off! garden has been chicken wired today, well the bottom half so they can have the run of the woods when we get them! 

i've given my diet a kick start this week - filled the house full of yummy fruit and veg, started my days with fruit filled smoothies, and enjoyed plate fulls of salad for lunch :)

the shop is almost ready to reopen! just need to finish off listing stock. i'll be celebrating with a few giveaways next week - so stay tuned!!

hope you're all having a sunnier weekend than we are

loves xx

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  1. I am leaving baking hot temps for the UK tomorrow... not excited one bit... but lovely pics as always. Excited for the shop :) Love Elle xo

  2. These photos are beautiful. Do you mind me asking what camera/photo editing program you use to create those dreamy effects? x

    1. they're all snapped on my iphone - i usually use hipstamatic - the Bettie XL lens and Ina's 1935 film :)

  3. youre little girl with the guitar is my fave!! so so sweet!!

  4. such sweet shots of your life! x


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