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Warning: This post contains an overload of photos

Hey all you Enchanted Pixies!!! I'm so so so happy to be here with y'all today!!! My name is Rachel and I blog over at Hidden Beauty Photography! You can also find me on Facebook (head on over and join my parties!!! It's where the cool people are. ;)

I'm a 17 year old photographer trying to navigate through the world without breaking down from drama and stress, trying to keep a smile on my face the whole way. About a year ago I discovered my passion for photography, and every since then you can always find me with something related to photography!

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I'm a lover of hair, jewelry, nail polish, and all that good stuff!! I'm always playing with my own hair to try to find a cute new way to wear it! {I'm kind of overly obsessed with my hair because several years ago my sister cut it... chopped it to be more exact. It was boy-cut short. Devastating! So now that it's long I'm obsessed with it. Hehe!}

Today I'm going to share with you one of my quick hairstyles -- a lazy-ish way to get a boho-type messy braid! (please excuse the bad quality of photos!!!)

What I did today was I just let my hair air-dry, so it looked like this when I started....

Then I alternated (randomlly) between curling loose braids, and curling just chunks of hair. Don't worry about getting the curls nice (you don't even have to curl loose braids, I just did that to get a bit more of a wave)

I just did a few curls on each side, just on the top layer. You can of course skip the curls, I just did it to add a little more to the braid (the curls help add to the messyish part of it).

After I had those curls done, I spritzed a little hairspray over, waited a bit, then I ran my fingers through it to break up the braids and curls....

After that was done, I grabbed the headband I wanted to use (I decided to kind of clash with everything else because I wanted too, so my headband is a bit more....elegant, I guess you can say, than everything else)

Once I had the headband on, I took my bangs on either side of my face, and tucked them under the headband....

Now it's time to braid! I pulled my hair over to opposite side than the headband detail, so that it wouldn't be super heavy on one side.... When I braided, I didn't pull them tight, you just put them over each other, making sure to keep your hair relaxed and loose. Once I had it down all the way, I held onto one strand, and pushed the other two up to bunch it a bit at the top.

Once this was done, I pulled some of the fly-aways that weren't long enough and pinned them down, but I didn't bother getting them all, just the biggest one. After all, it's supposed to be messy!!!

Yes, I had to do one with a peace sign. I couldn't resist. Hehe!
And there you go, a super easy and fast boho-ish braid!!! Oh and please excuse me looking gross. See, I adore blog readers, because I'll post pics with me looking bad! Haha!!

So head on over to my blog and Facebook and say hi!!! I love my new friends, my old friends, and my future friends. So stop being my future friend and come be my new friend so that we can become old friends! YAY!

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  1. Cute hairstyle! Beautiful photos too :)
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