diy // boho feather headpiece

lately i've been loving feather headpieces, and i thought i'd make a simple one for myself. you can whip one up pretty fast, you don't even need to do any sewing {thank goodness for my hot glue gun ;) } now i have to make three smaller sized ones for the kiddos ha!

that's it! you're done - now put it on and be a goddess ;)

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  1. and you DO look like a goddess! Looks easy, may have to try making one myself, could fancy rocking feathers this summer. Just about to make your carrot and banana loaf, yum! x x x

  2. This is pretty cool! I love how it looks on you & am totally jealous of your red tips!! This project is super cool for summer, love it!

  3. So cute! This reminds me of a 20s headband. Adorable!

  4. I love it - and it really suits you! :)


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