banana//butterscotch flapjack

last week lola and i were making flapjack, spied some butterscotch chips in the cupboard and decided to throw them in, added a couple overripe bananas and out came the most delicious tasting flapjack! the first batch went down a treat at home and at my knitting group. this week when i was baking some cakes, more of this flapjack was demanded and several people asked for the recipe on twitter. so here it is!

note: these weights are approximate - i don't tend to weigh things out when making flapjack, i just go on how it looks.

you'll need:
250g rolled oats
150g butter
75g golden syrup
75g dark brown sugar
75g butterscotch chips
2 largeish ripe bananas, mashed

melt the butter, sugar and syrup together, then mash in the bananas. stir in the rolled oats, and lastly the butterscotch chips. put the mixture into a greased cake tin, and bake at 175 °C (Gas Mark 4) for 25/30 mins.

turn out, allow to cool and cut into squares. enjoy!!

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  1. Thsi sounds amazing! I've never mae flapjacks before, might try now though:D


  2. I love flapjacks :) My favourite is raisin and oat or something like that but banana and butterscotch sounds so yummy!

  3. I love making (and eating!) flapjacks but I've never tried banana and butterscotch before. They sound lovely! Definitely something to try sometime I think :-)

  4. Making this! My boyfriend and I usually put loads of dried fruits and bits of marzipan in flapjack, but this sounds just as amazing!



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