A-Z of Me

I've seen this floating around the blog world for a while now, and thought it'd be fun to play along! If you do your own, be sure to leave me a link so I can check yours out!
  • A: Age - 30 :O
  • B: bed size -king
  • C: Chore that you hate - ironing
  • D: Dogs - i grew up with a dog, and really really want to get one - I just need to convince my hubby!
  • E: Essential start to the day - Coffee {and lots of it!}
  • F: Favourite colour - right now, I'm really loving mustard
  • H: Height - 5'6"
  • I: Instrument you play -recorder??! a little guitar, but that's it!
  • J: Job - full time mama :)
  • K: Kids -three beautiful girlies
  • L: Live - North Wales
  • M: Mother's name - Julia
  • N: Nickname - fingle
  • O: Overnight hospital stays - 3 as an adult, one of which was when Lola was born :)
  • P: Pet peeves -lights left on, and people who are rude to me because of the way I look
  • Q: Quote from a film - "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" - Wizard of Oz
  • R: Right or Left handed - right
  • S: Siblings - 2 brothers & 1 sister, I'm the baby
  • T: Time you wake up - usually around 8am kiddos depending
  • U: Underware -always!
  • V: Vegetable you hate - sprouts
  • W: What makes you late - trying to get 3 kiddos ready!
  • X: X rays- teeth, and my head after I fell out of a moving car aged 5!!!
  • Y: Yummy food that you make -you name it, i make it ;) love baking cakes tho!
  • Z: Zoo Animal - red pandas

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  1. love this, I filled it in too - http://heytherefancypants.blogspot.com/2011/10/to-z-of-me.html


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