so happy to have woken up to sunny skies! especially as i'm onto day two of a migraine and i feel terrible :/ the Mr is at work, so no chance of rests for me today - all i really feel like doing is hiding under my duvet where it's dark and quiet. i'll be a happy mama when i get to bed tonight!

we're about to head out for a walk, hoping that the fresh air will clear my head somewhat and the kiddos can burn a little energy off too!

then, i think it'll be a quiet afternoon of crafting and movie watching. i'm not up to much else today.

here are a couple of great links that I wanted to share with you:

THESE amazing vintage paper dolls. My girls can't wait for me to print them out so they can play!!

This free Halloween Decorations eBook

happy weekend guys!



  1. Love your new header its gorgeous, for the migraine, I use peppermint oil in some carrier oil, rub it into my temples and forehead, inhale the aroma from my hands (keep your eyes closed) and massage into my neck, it will make it dissapear x

  2. Thanks lovely :) I've got some peppermint oil in the cupboard - will try that tip out!!

  3. Stumbled onto your blog- it's really lovely! (Hope your migraine has since subsided. They are the worst!)


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